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One-On-One Coaching

Your work and life are always unfolding adventures, requiring transitions. Individual coaching serves as a catalyst and support mechanism to help you respond to each change opportunity with openness and purpose.

Whether your transition is one you're initiating or is the result of events outside your direct control, individual coaching can help you manage the change by providing a supportive environment. The steps involve investigation, discussion, planning, and assessment, in a confidential professional relationship, in person or by phone.

Depending on your needs, we will meet weekly or biweekly, at my offices or by phone.

During the process you can expect to:

  • assess the present situation
  • define your goals
  • identify the changes you want to initiate
  • strengthen your awareness of the skills, talents and resources you already have that can contribute to a successful life transition
  • create and reflect on experiences with new practices and skills affirm successes and maintain forward momentum
  • identify opportunities for action

Each session, you will receive a written summary with action points and timelines to keep your progress on track.

You might have some extra questions not covered here, so please, take advantage of my free consult and call me to discuss how this program can help you.