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Interactive Resources are housed on my interactve website: follow the link, and choose "Resources." Once there, you will find useful articles, newsletters, and other information. Explore approaches to coaching or give feedback and interact with others. Click "Newsletter" to see "Currents In Coaching Research" and even subscribe for your own copy.

The Life Coach Archives house previous columns where thoughts and snippets of observations come together, as I explore life and its interesting offerings. For the reader, they're a chance to view a different perspective and delve further into the human experience through reflection and some useful exercises.

Coaching Papers are a collection of researched topics. All are downloadable in .pdf format and are long on detail.

Blog for Reinventing Life & Work: A site that shares thoughts, ideas, and perspective. Also located here is a calendar of upcoming events and trainings and an inspirational quote feature. 

The Currents in Coaching Research Newsletter is a useful tool for professionals in the coaching field. This subscription comes monthly into your email box and you can visit this link to see previous editions.