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TRAINING: Workplace Conversation Training

Workplace Conversation Training

Crucial Conversations™

"I Love Feedback" Workshop


The fuel for all workplace activity, innovation, and effectiveness is human interaction. Workplace conversations can be challenging because truly understanding the different values, perspectives and knowledge that each person has requires a wide range interpersonal and listening skills that most people have never learned.

Individuals, teams, and organizational leaders alike have benefitted from Workplace Conversation Training. Based on assessment outcomes, I work with clients to form a plan that addresses the organization's needs. This may include Crucial Conversations™ training workshops, as well as communication coaching with individuals and work teams.

Your training is designed to:

  • drive results while building and maintaining relationships
  • promote personal and organizational vitality
  • candidly discuss and resolve challenges that are keeping you stuck

Each program and workshop series is customized with specific work team and organizational needs in mind. Find out more by getting in touch with me today and ask about my complimentary one-hour consultation.